Our Bras

The to bucklebury ferry maternity sports bras have been designed to support your fitness journey during and after pregnancy.

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Hook and Eye
All our bras include hook and eye clips to adjust as you grow in pregnancy and as your milk comes in after delivery. The hook and eye clips also come in handy when your breasts settle in and deflate slightly or you lose some kilos. 
Another upside to the hook and eye clips is you’ll never do the sweaty sports crop dance again.

Feeding Clips
A maternity bra wouldn't be a maternity bra without feeding clips! The beauty of feeding clips means you can exercise with your baby or wear the bra as an everyday bra.

Support! Support! Support! 
A key feature of all sports bras is the support that's why we've ensured our bras have thick straps and a racerback for maximum support. The front of the bra is also reinforced to eliminate bouncing boobies. 

All in the cup size
Many bras, especially crops, come in standard sizes such as small, medium, large etc. That's where to bucklebury ferry stands out from the crowd. Our bras are made to fit your dress size and cup size, so you'll no longer have to put up with sports bras that aren't correctly fitted!