Detailed Personalised Family Illustrations
Detailed Personalised Family Illustrations

Detailed Personalised Family Illustrations

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These beautiful hand drawn illustrations make a lovely gift for someone special or a statement piece in your home. 

Each artwork is hand drawn by me, Erin, and provided to you as a digital file with no watermarks.

At the moment technology isn’t being friendly so after purchasing your personalised illustration please send an email to with your chosen image. If you can’t chose which image to have done, feel free to send through a few and I’ll chose the one that works the best aesthetically. 


Q: What is the difference between the simple and detailed family illustrations?

A: The simple personalised family illustration incorporates the key details into the illustration. If you’re after more detail, like some hands, skin colour and patterns on clothing you should choose the detailed personalised family illustration! 

Q: What kind of photo works best?

A: Photos where all people in the photo are looking at the camera work best, along with high res photos! If you’re unsure, shoot me an email before purchasing.

Q: When should I expect my illustration?

A: Your personalised illustration will be ready within 7 days of ordering, but could definitely be earlier depending on my work load of course!

Q: The colours of the clothing is different to my photo.

A: This could be because of a few reasons. One may be the colours don’t work together when done as an illustration, in that case I will chose the closet colour to recreate. Another reason the colours of clothing may appear different is due to the colour process I use when drawing. 

Q: Why do your illustrations not have faces or hands?

A: It’s the style! Some illustrations will have hints of hands when needed, but generally speaking the illustrations won’t include faces or hands. 

Q: Do you include animals in your illustrations 

A: No, not at this stage, but it will be something I look to add in the future. 

Q: What size is the art work?

A: The ‘canvas’ (it’s presented to you as a digital file) is square. 2048 x 2048 pixels.