Digitalise your child’s illustrations
Digitalise your child’s illustrations

Digitalise your child’s illustrations

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Do you want a digital copy of your child’s line drawing game that’s not a scan? 

Do you want to be able to use your child’s illustration on cards, clothing etc?

Look no further then our digitising of illustrations derive, because as a mum I also answered yes to all of the above!

Please make sure you look through the FAQ below before proceeding!


Q: What file type do you supply the image in?

A: It will be emailed to you as a PNG file, which will have a transparent background.

Q: Is the digitalisation just a scanned version?

A: No! Your child’s image is put into a drawing program where it is traced with the same or very similar colour/s to the original. Each line will be the same. You won’t be able to tell the difference!

Q: What do I need to supply you with?

A: A beautiful image from your child! The illustration needs to be a line drawing, no shading (if there is shading we won’t be able to capture it). A front on photo is required. Whatever angle you supply we will draw!

Q: How do I supply the image?

A: Firstly, purchase the digitalisation (we’ll then have your details on file and will be expecting you!). Secondly email with your child’s image! Easy!

Q: How long until I receive my beautiful digital image?

A: Within a week! But most likely a couple of days, depending on my work load of course! When it’s ready I’ll email you through a high res version!