The best apps for pregnancy and the first year

In this digital world, we are attached to our phones 24/7. So it makes sense that talented developers have created apps that will help (and become your best friend) you throughout your pregnancy and the first year of life. I've put together a helpful list of mobile apps that I and my mummy friends couldn't live without. 


What to Expect

what to expect app

This amazing app is based on your due date and sends you personalised information, updates, tips and articles based on your stage of pregnancy. The app also allows you to sign up to a forum community who are due in the same month as you!

Each week you will be given detailed information based on your gestation. You'll also receive an informative video outlining what developments your little bean will achieve each week.

Once you've delivered your bundle of joy the What to Expect app continues to serve you with helpful articles relevant to your little one's age.

Warning: you will become addicted to this app!

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Contraction Timer - Time Labor

This app may seem basic but it is exactly what you need when labour starts. Trust me, you don't want something complicated or with lots of buttons.

To use the app you simply tap anywhere on the screen to start recording a contraction and to stop recording you again tap anywhere on the screen. You'll then see a screen, which records (with timestamps) each contraction and its duration. Down the bottom of the screen is a large green start button for your next contraction. This button also tells you how long since the previous contraction.

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The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app is the perfect tool for navigating post-birth. If you're a first-time parent you've probably never heard of a leap, but you will soon obsess over them and they will become apart of your everyday life.

The app tracks your baby's mental development and explains the changes your little one will be going through in each leap. It also gives you handy tips and outlines signs that your little one is about to enter or is in a leap.

I found all the abilities my daughter achieved in each leap were spot on with what was outlined in the app. It is definitely worth the $5.99! The only downside is it stops after leap 10 (week 75) and your little one will definitely go through undocumented leaps post 75 weeks old.

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Feed Safe

The Feed Safe app is ideal for those who are breastfeeding and are wanting to have a drink of alcohol. 

The app requests some basic information from you such as your height and weight so that it can serve (no pun intended) accurate timings.

Once you have set up the app you'll be presented with two blue boxes. One is for 'I just started a drink' and the other is for 'I started my first drink earlier'. If you tap the 'I just started a drink' box you'll be presented with a timestamp, a selection for how many drinks (you can press the plus button for each drink) and a count down clock. This clock shows you how long until you should be okay to breastfeed after having a drink.

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Baby Manager

When you're in the newborn stage it's hard to remember where you put the remote, so some wonderful people have developed a handy app that helps keep track of feeding, nappies, and sleep.

As the app records (with your input) information about your little one, it makes doctors appointments so much easier as you don't have to remember how many wet nappies your baby has had in 24 hours.

The app is user and new mum friendly and is worth the $4.49!

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We'd love to hear what apps you can't live without!